FAQ: Registration in MSSA

  1. Go to the MSSA office any time between 12 pm and 3 pm
  2. Get oriented by one of our members
  3. Fill out the registration form
  4. Pay the registration fees

Prof. M. Hafez Hall, Back Door, 2nd Floor
Mansoura Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura, Dakahlia, Egypt.

It is determined at the beginning of every school year. It is 30 L.E for the term 2020-2021.

In general, volunteering allows you to connect to your community, make new friends & expand your network. It gives you the opportunity to practice and develop your social skills, provides you career experience, teaches you valuable job skills and brings fun.

In addition, MSSA provides a great environment to acquire professional skillset and have many national and international opportunities. MSSA trains its members on various useful topics, such as medical research, basic life support, project management and many many more.

No previous medical or professional experience is required to register in MSSA.

Time Management is one of the most important skills anyone could have. In MSSA, we care for training our members on such topics. You can always decide if you have enough time to invest in MSSA activities and when is that time.

Participating in MSSA activities and projects is precisely regulated through calls. Calls are always sent on MSSA mailing lists to provide everything you need to know about the project, from the job description to the timeline. Based on that call, you decide whether or not you are interested in applying for such a job or an opportunity.

Other than what you apply for, you are not required to participate in any activity. However, the more activities you participate in, the more points you get, and the more opportunities you are qualified for in the future.